Our Work

Eatery 1
Eatery 2
Eatery 3
Eatery 4
Eatery 5
Eatery 6
Eatery is the first app from CUAppDev. It provides an easy and accessible way to browse the hours and menus of the dining locations on campus. Download the current release on the Apple App Store. See the project on Github here.
Tempo 1
Tempo 2
Tempo 3
Tempo 4
Tempo is the second app from CUAppDev. It allows users to post their song of the day, and discover what others are listening to. See the project on Github here.
Brs 1
Brs 2
Brs 3
The Big Red Shuttle app allows users to track the Big Red Shuttle on Cornell's campus, with a slick interface and intuitive schedule menu. See the project on Github here. Check it out on iTunes here.
Podcast App (unnamed)
Our podcast app is a work-in-progress. It's a social approach to finding, subscribing to, and sharing your favorite podcasts with your friends. See the project's components on Github here.